Stickers! Get ’em! NOW.

Hello, Dick Gherkin here, I hope you are well. As mentioned on FBWL 22 we are giving away stickers to get the word out about the Best Radio Show in Bristol, “From Bristol with Love”.

Here is a picture of a sticker.


Yeah, looks amazing, we know. Deal with it. It’s vinyl, so once its up this baby is UP. For the long haul. We would like you to advertise the show with them, so we’d love you to put ’em up where others can see (they cost us £60, not that it matters, I’m absolutely FINE with that). Remember, only stick it on your own property! Naughty for thinking other than that! No!

So, if you want one then pop into Hydra Books on Old Market (next to the bookies that’s next to the Old Market Tavern). Buy a book, eat a cake, or drink a drink and then ask the person behind the counter to give you a From Bristol With Love sticker. It LITERALLY is as simple as that.

Or, if you can’t make it to the Hydra, then you can still pimp our message for no payment. Just send us the proverbial “stamped, self-addressed envelope” to FROM BRISTOL WITH LOVE, Hydra Books, 34 Old Market, Bristol, BS2 0EZ. For those of you under 35, a “stamped, self-addressed envelope” is where you write an envelope to your address, put a stamp on it, and then fold it up and post it (in another envelope) to the Hydra Books address.

Put any requests, dedications, talking points or funny stories in the envelope (in the envelope) and we’ll read ’em out. Cheers then! DGx

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