‘Dangerous’ laser sword!

This is one of the ‘Dangerous’ laser swords we talked about in the last show (http://www.mixcloud.com/fbwl/from-bristol-with-love-28/).

People were selling them down Weston-super-Mare carnival the other week, till trading standards rocked up and  confiscated the lot.

A North Somerset Council spokesman said the swords “look like harmless fun” always a good start

”but can actually cause serious and permanent damage to the eye”.

I want one of these swords. Don worry, I’m not some sort of plane spotter. I just like the idea of having a real lightsaber. I’ve had a look online but my search has been fruitless. So if you know if anywhere is still selling them let us know.

frombristolwithlove@riseup.net        facebook.com/frombristolwithlove

And don’t worry, it’ll be in safe hands.

“Adventure, excitement, a Jedi craves not these things”

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One response to “‘Dangerous’ laser sword!

  1. Maria

    You’ll have someone’s eye out with that.

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