Durston Fletcher Music Selector 4 (Come Down pt1)

What a good night. Don’t worry listners I’m not sat at my comupter on New Years Day. I scheduled this post in. So while you’re reading this I’m probably at a house party chatting with my new best friends. I thought I’d post up some of my favorite come down tunes. As you can see this is a two parter. This first lot is for the nice come down. You know the one, got in from the club, bout 9am, all sitting round on the floor and the sofa back at your mates, all he’s got to drink is Tea or Kahlua, still cozy, still fuzzy and lovely. The second part I’ll put up mid week. You know still on a come down but a very different place. Anyway at this moment the less about that the better.

So lets have a gentle start. This track still makes my skin tingle. It just feel really safe and warm.

”Don’t worry Phil’s just turned up with some soap bar. What was I talking about…..Yeah that it’s, I don’t see any problem with building a house entirely out of felt.”

”Of course she was interested in you mate. I’m always getting one digit when I give my number out. She’ll probably call you in the week.”

”What you have see the Goonies? You need to watch it mate, it changed my life.”

Well FWBL’ers hope you’re having a good New  Years Day. Make sure you drink lots of water, it’ll make you feel better and whatever you do don’t think about work.


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